Ready, steady, click!

Welcome to the photographic treasure hunt through the city of Bremen. We are five adventurous amateur photographers who spent exciting hours at Berlin and Hamburg Photo Marathon. Not only did we take a lot of pictures, we also explored completely new sides of the capitals. We were so excited that we introduced this special kind of treasure hunt to Bremen since 2015.
Participate on Saturday, September 2, 2023 and put into focus known and not yet discovered sides of Bremen. Within 9 hours we want you to take 9 photos related to 9 topics that you will learn about not before the day of the Marathon. Expect the unexpected! Participation is open to all who enjoy photography, supposedly know Bremen like the back of their hand, newbies in Bremen, visitors from the surroundings and from all around the world! Be there with us as our idea takes shape in the coming months until the first “click”.

What is a photo marathon?

At the Bremen Photo Marathon, 9 photos are to be taken on 9 different topics within 9 hours. The individual tasks are handed out to you at 4 different stations which are located all over the city.

Don’t worry, no one is required to complete 42 kilometers at a run while at the same time looking for motives. Strolling is allowed. You can hunt for nice photo subjects by walking, going by bike, taking the bus, car or tram. In between, there is always time for breathers. The focus of the event is the idea to look at Bremen from different perspectives. Take your time and talk to people, arrange them as extras for your pictures, look around the corner, go unusual ways, track down supposedly inconspicuous places. What counts is creativity – give us something for the eyes, we can’t wait! At the finish line we read the memory card of your digital camera. Only 9 photos in the sequence of the topics may be on the card. To ensure a fair competition, there are a few ground rules: Please note you cannot participate with a cell phone camera. Also, the emitted images may not be edited. By the way: Bremen is known as a suntrap, should it nevertheless come to the unlikely event that it rains, the marathon will take place anyway.

After the marathon comes the exhibition: In october we will present all photos in a show and invite the participants, their families, friends, acquaintances and photo enthusiasts. So everyone will have the opportunity to see how different the photo marathon runners have interpreted our themes. In the period leading up to the opening of the exhibition, an expert jury will select 9 winners that will be awarded at the opening and of course receive prizes.

Checklist for starting

You enjoy photography? You walk the world with your eyes open? And you have a functioning digital camera? Then you have everything you need to successfully reach the finish line! Please keep in mind that cell phone cameras and analog models are not permitted.

What you should bring along:

Before the start

At the starting point you need your identity card / passport or driving license. Participants under 18 years of age must present the parental consent. Check your camera for proper functioning. The camera model does not matter, whether it is a small digital compact camera or professional SLR – crucial are the unedited raw images. So please do not use internal camera filters. You may not edit your photos. To be save, bring along two batteries and a charger. We do not provide memory cards. Your memory card should be empty and free of errors. Anyone who wants can use a tripod. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Be prepared for all climatic conditions in northern Germany (rainwear, sunscreen).

On the route

As cheering and creative support you can bring along friends and family. But only a single person can register. If your companions also want to take pictures and submit their sets, they must register themselves. You can search for motives throughout Bremen by walking, going by bike, taking the bus or tram. Just make sure to be at the intermediate stations at the prescribed times to receive the next themes.

At the finish line – did you make it?

You have delivered 9 photos in the thematic order on a memory card in time and they are not edited? Congratulations – then you’ve made it!


Registration starts Mai 27, 2023

That’s how you sign up:

Fill in the form and submit it. (See Anmeldung)

For paying by bank transfer, wait for our registration confirmation which will arrive in your mailbox within a few hours. With the confirmation we will give you the account information for your transfer. Please transfer the full amount within 14 days after receiving the confirmation. Upon receipt of the registration confirmation (via email) your registration at the Bremen Photo Marathon on September 2, 2023 will be binding. You can cancel your participation no later than August 25, 2023. The cancellation fee is 3 euros.

What does it coast?

The entry fee is 25 euros. Overall, we provide 200 starting places. To register please fill out the form (required fields are marked with *) and submit it. You will shortly receive a confirmation from us by email, which includes the payment procedures for the bank transfer. I hereby would like to register bindingly for the Bremen Photo Marathon on September 2, 2023. I have read and accepted the conditions of participation.

Terms and conditions

1. Participants under 18 years of age may only participate with the written consent of a guardian and when accompanied by an adult.

2. The entry fee is 25 euros. Overall, we provide 200 starting places. A reservation can be canceled no later than August 25, 2023. The cancellation fee is 3 euros. Registrations will be accepted until August 25, 2023. If you are unable to participate, you may propose a substitute until August 25, 2023. In this case please send the name of the substitute by mail to the organizers.

3. Registered participants will be informed about possible changes in the procedure of the photo marathon on the website and by email.

4. Participants agree that the address data is stored electronically. The data will not be passed to third parties without the approval of the participant.

5. The organizers assume no liability for damages incurred by the participants during the photo marathon and the exhibition, provided that the damage is not caused due to gross negligence on the part of the organizers.

6. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event, if serious reasons exist. In this case the entry fee will be refunded within four weeks after the cancellation.

7. Participants agree to be filmed, interviewed and photographed by the organizers, their agents or the media during the event as part of normal public documentation.

8. The participant confirms that he has all the rights to his images and that he will not violate any personality rights when representing persons on his pictures.

9. The participants agree to the use of their photos or photo sets taken during the photo marathon for documentation purposes and for public relations / marketing by the organizers. The exploitation rights also cover the use in interactive software, in image databases and on the Internet. The organizers are entitled to grant third parties, including the sponsors of the photo marathon, simple usage rights to the acquired rights. The granting of rights to the images is spatially and temporally unlimited. Participants may not revoke the assignment of usage rights, for example because of changed circumstances.

10. During the event participants move from station to station on their own responsibility. Until 30 minutes after the pre-announced times the respective topic lists and the reference to the next station will be issued at the stations. Also, the starter numbers will be stamped.

11. Only a starter number that was stamped at each intermediate station entitles to submit the photos at the end of the event.

12. The best photo sets will be chosen by an independent jury. The decision is final.

13. Pornographic, violence-glorifying or other legally precarious representations are excluded from the competition and not shown in the exhibition.

14. The organizers undertake to hand out to each registered participant the starter number and the topic lists at the announced stations and time slots.

15. The organizers undertake not to publish the themes for the photo sets and individual photos before the start of the event. The organizers are obliged not to make the themes accessible to any participant.